Beach Wall Sconces

Provide a breath of oxygen to town bathrooms with a breezy beach-house theme, or create a calming mood inspired by the natural colors and smoothness of the seashore.

Beach-house style has a period feel but it is not hard to integrate modern features. Select a simple bathroom suite in white or cream, or a clean-lined retro-style design. Panel the bathtub to complement the wainscoting area, or with natural or whitewashed pinus radiata. Otherwise install a freestanding, curtained bathtub. Site a shower cubicle behind a divider “wall” – this can be tiled on the inside and paneled one the other aspect of the coin – or screen the shower room area with an ocean pattern shower curtain or a plain or candy striped glass panel. If stolen, limed, or painted floorboards aren’t available, choose plastic flooring in a coast color, or cover existing flooring with wooden decking. Natural fiber matting and cork tiles also work well. Stone tiles, scrape tiles, and mosaics improve the rustic look – make them warm with cotton rugs.

Style Hints


Atmospheric color: very soft white, neutrals/aqua/ blue latex/tiles/ tongue-and-groove paneling; stenciled underwater motifs; aqua color variety details.


Simple/period: glass/metal fisherman’s brass lantern; converted wood sconce candelabrum/candles.

Atmospheric lighting is a must; choose a bulkhead-style fitting in white or metallic, or a traditional fisherman’s lantern. Add distressed wooden wall sconces and present the smell of the ocean with scented wax lights.

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